There are countless combinations when it comes to identifying an individual’s personality and behaviour.  The following avatar is your Primary Money Avatar is the closest match based on your survey responses.

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Most Evading Mimosas get stressed as far as managing their money is concerned. If you are an Evading Mimosa, you have always wanted or perhaps have planned to organize your finance so that you are on top of it. However, it is a common trait for most Evading Mimosas to find themselves in a confused state-of-mind once they are looking at their accounts.

You are a giving person, and you also understand the importance of taking care of yourself. If you are like most Evading Mimosas, you may tell yourself “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to spend and have a little treat for myself and my friends and family?” However, during or after your spending, you may start to worry if you have overspent because you weren’t very sure about your finances, or you may not have budgeted for the spending.

Sometimes, you feel that managing money is a heavy responsibility, and it restricts you and your freedom in many ways.

A suggestion that may support you is to start doing simple budgeting and know that you are indeed spending within what has been planned, and thus you need not worry when you spend.

The MONEY SEEDS Program is designed to empower you in creating, managing, and growing your money with ease and to attract abundance into your life. Once you have uncovered any of your old money beliefs that are not serving you and replace them with new empowering money beliefs, you will see money in a whole new way.