Your Money Avatar™

There are countless combinations when it comes to identifying an individual’s personality and behaviour,
the following avatar is closest in describing your Primary (not exclusive) Money Avatar based on the answers provided.


2018-2020 © Origin of Wisdom. Artwork by Jordan Ho.

While many people argue that money is not everything, you understand that money is part of our everyday life in today’s world. You have learned that recognition, success, and status are all closely tied to money in today’s society. You are authentic, and you don’t fake about how much you have among people you trust.

You don’t shy away from taking risks when the opportunity smells good to you. Spending tedious hours managing your finances is definitely not your favorite pastime, and at times, when you switch gear to “spending” mode, you may purchase based on impulse and emotion.   For practice, start basic budgeting and be on top of your finances, and for a start,  it may be a good idea to have a trusted friend to be your check-and-balance buddy when you are taking excessive risk or in an over-spending mode. 

The ability to spend money without any concern or worry gives you a sense of satisfaction, However, here’s the truth, deep within you, you are seeking something far greater than the satisfaction and connection money can get you. 

Our money beliefs (SEEDS) shape our mindset and relationship with money.  Unfortunately, not all our money beliefs serve us. Some of these limiting money beliefs are the very reason some of us face challenges in earning, keeping, or growing our wealth.

Learning about our Money Avatar is one of the few ways we get to identify our strengths and shortcomings which derived from our limiting money beliefs which are hidden deep in our subconscious.

From our experience, replacing these limiting beliefs (SEEDS) with empowering ones can only be done in a wholistic approach, and the Money SEEDS Program is designed to do just that.

2018-2020 © Origin of Wisdom. Artwork by Jordan Ho.

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