There are countless combinations when it comes to identifying an individual’s personality and behaviour, the following avatar is your Primary Money Avatar, and one money behaviour can seldom be classified exclusively under one avatar only.

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You have an enormous big heart, and you love to give and support other people. If it is a common and polite gesture to pay for someone’s meal in your culture, you usually win at asking for the bill or being the one paying for the meals.

Money brings you joy because it allows you to buy other people gifts, meals, and services. 

However, even though you’re comfortable spending on others, you’re not the most lavish with yourself. You spend on the necessity and basic needs for yourself, but it is uncommon for most Giving Lavenders to spend on themselves out of self-care and self-love.

You prefer giving rather than receiving, and you put others’ needs and wants before your own. At times, this behavior of yours may affect your financial situation.

You are pretty private when it comes to money; whether you have money or not, you prefer not to reveal your financial status in consideration of others who may be feeling uneasy.

If you are someone who’s competent in creating money, chances are you do not talk about how you are competent or wealthy most of the time. In fact, some of you may not even think that you deserve to have wealth.

A very important practice we suggest for you is to learn to put yourself first. Remember that during a flight, you are put on the oxygen mask for yourself first before attending to others. Therefore, if you are truly concerned and care for others, then put yourself first.   

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