Only a few more days to the ONLINE SEEDS LEADERSHIP™ program!

Here is a list of things to prepare for the program.
No. 1 – Must-have items  during the class
  • Colour Pens
    (for taking notes – part of the WISE Technology)
  • Half Dozen Eggs
    (buy the cheapest ones, you won’t be eating them)
  • A Permanent Marker Pen or Sharpie
  • A Transparent Sheet
    (if you can’t get one, you may use a clear plastic sheet or bag, something you can see through and write on with a marker/sharpie pen)
  • A Bandana
    (or a large handkerchief that large enough to tie around your head)
  • A Handheld Mirror
  • A Brick or Rock
    (if you can’t find one, you may replace it with a large bottle of water, as heavy as the brick)
  • A Cleaned or Sanitized Pen
    (clean and safe enough to be put in your mouth)
  • Blank Sheets of Paper (10 copies)
  • A Pillow
    You will need a space (undisturbed) where you can lie down during a meditation process.
  • 2 Bowls or 2 Jars or One of Each
  • Please download and print the flipchart notes taking sheet (45 copies)
  • Please download and print the wisdom dollar tracking sheet (1 copy)
No. 2 – Important To-Do List
  • (NEW) Please join the following Discord channel –
  • Please add “Catherine Khoo#1171” as your friend on Discord
No. 3 – Please Read
  • We request that you have your video turn on at all times, we will call you if your video is not turn on or you are for more than 5 min.
  • If there is more than 1 person participating in the program, we request that each participant login from a separate laptop or computer (smartphone is highly NOT recommended.  It is most ideal if each participant can join the program from a separate room or area in the house.  It will be a different journey/process for you both, thus having your own “space” is really good.
  • You are welcome to have your drinks, snacks, and meals during the program.
  • If possible, please keep the room temperature below 20’ C (68’ F), wear a jacket if it is too cold for you.
  • Please make sure you have a stable internet connection and is able to be present with video, as there’ll be games and coaching conversation throughout the program.
  • Please make sure you are able to be fully present during the online SEEDS program. If you have children, the elderly, and or pets that you need to attend to, we highly suggest that you seek support in that area.
  • Please request that you will not be disturbed or having to answer any phone calls during the program if possible.
  • If they have essential oil – lavender, sage, and or rose, good to have them around.
  • Sage for smudging or cleansing is recommended.
  • Please get familiarized with navigating at ZOOM. To learn more please visit