There are countless combinations when it comes to identifying an individual’s personality and behaviour, the following avatar is your Primary Money Avatar, and one money behaviour can seldom be classified exclusively under one avatar only.

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Most Frugal Palm Trees are good at guarding their wealth, and they do not spend unnecessarily. Depending on how much of a Frugal Palm Tree you are, saving up for rainy-days is generally your strength.

You may feel safer if you save up some money as it gives you a sense of security. When you spend your money, it is primarily on necessity, and you almost never splurge on yourself and others, unless it is for a special occasion.

Generally, you’re risk-averse. You can be extremely cautious when it comes to investment, and you would analyze the investment for any potential downside or risk. 

You prefer not to disclose your financial situation with others unless it is necessary to do so.

Most Frugal Palm Trees are generally good with numbers. You have an eye for good deals, and when you do find them, you take pride in how much money you managed to save.  

If the people around you have been telling you that you are frugal, then practice for you is perhaps to treat someone to a meal for no reason and no motive. You will be surprised what you can get out of it.

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