There are countless combinations when it comes to identifying an individual’s personality and behaviour, the following avatar is your Primary Money Avatar, and one money behaviour can seldom be classified exclusively under one avatar only.

2018-2020 © Origin of Wisdom. Artwork by Jordan Ho.

You have come to a point to understand that money plays a crucial role in our everyday life, while some people are still in denial that money is a must-have in today’s world. Like it or not, money can be a symbol of power and control in many aspects. You place earning and saving money as a top priority, and thus you are constantly accumulating money by all means.  

You are competent in creating money, and you feel happy and accomplished with your money status. However, you are not a show-off, and you usually don’t like to reveal how much you have or how rich you are. In addition, you are very cautious about spending money in general.

You are good at managing your finances, and you have no issue receiving money. In fact, you are congruent with it. Money is one of the main factors when it comes to making decisions. 

Apart from accumulating money, perhaps start considering what else brings you joy and happiness in life? If you feel you have already done so, my invitation for you is to go deeper into the journey within and explore how much more money do you need or how much is enough, and what do you want to do with it?

The MONEY SEEDS Program is designed to empower you in creating, managing, and growing your money with ease and to attract abundance into your life. Once you have uncovered any of your old money beliefs that are not serving you and replace them with new empowering money beliefs, you will see money in a whole new way.