There are countless combinations when it comes to identifying an individual’s personality and behaviour, the following avatar is your Primary Money Avatar, and one money behaviour can seldom be classified exclusively under one avatar only.

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Money is not everything! Why is everyone talking about money?

Life has much to offer, and not everything is about money, and not everything can be bought with money, and most Namaste Mushrooms understand this. 

Namaste Mushrooms are generally more enlightened beings and do not wish to be controlled by today’s monetary system. Who you are as a person has nothing to do with money. 

Money is just a means of exchange, and managing money in today’s world can be complicated and challenging for most Namaste Mushrooms. The best way for you to manage your finance is to keep it simple or have a trusted party or person to help you manage. 

You may have experienced how money has hurt relationships, so, therefore, in most instances, you prefer to avoid any discussion or conversation about money.

A good practice suggestion for you would be to get comfortable with handling and managing money, if you do see money as a means of exchange, then let’s honour it as is.

The MONEY SEEDS Program is designed to empower you in creating, managing, and growing your money with ease and to attract abundance into your life. Once you have uncovered any of your old money beliefs that are not serving you and replace them with new empowering money beliefs, you will see money in a whole new way.